LotuFert Felix


Guaranteed Content W/W
Water Soluble Iron (Fe) % 6
Chelated Iron (Fe) with EDDHA % 6
pH Range Stable with EDDHA for Fe 4-10
Registration Certificate


Product From Leaf or Drip Pipe
Vegetables 1-7 gr/m² or 500-1 Kg/decare with dripping.
All Trees Beginning to Yield Fruit 8-15 gr/head of tree.
Crop-Growing Trees (Normal Yield) 25-40 gr/head of tree.
Crop-Growing Trees (High Yield) 50-90 gr/head of tree.
Citrus (Big Trees) 200-300 gr/head of tree.
Vineyard (Considering Vineyard Age and Yield) 5-20 gr/per vineyard.
Annual/Perennial Cut Flowers and Green Fields 60-100 gr/Decare.
Strawberry 50 gr/Decare.(With drip irrigation.)
Hydroponic Cultivation 1 Kg/1000with liter of water.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  1. pH 1/10 25°C: 4.1
  2. Appearance: Powder, Dark Red


Purpose of Use

LotuFert Felix is prepared to eliminate the negative effects of iron deficiency.


Do not mix with oily products. It can be mixed with pesticides and fertilizers by dissolving in separate containers. However, a jar test is recommended.

Packaging Size

1-5-10 Kg Aluminum Bag.