To Lower the pH

Guaranteed Content W/W
Total Nitrogen (N) % 15
Nitrate Nitrogen % 5
Ammonium Nitrogen % 10
Total Sulfur Trioxid (SO3) % 34.5
Registration Certificate

Physical and Chemical Properties

  1. pH 1/10 25°C: 1.7
  2. Density (gr./cm°): 1.48
  3. EC 1/1000:2.5 ms/cm
  4. Appearance: Transparent, Liquid

Purpose of Use: 

LotuFert Nitros is a fertilizer decreasing pH of soil and increasing uptake of nitrogene by plant. The product high sulfur it decreases alkalinity of the soil.


Do not mix with any products.


Application Dosage and Time:

  • It is suitable for application with drip irrigation.
  • Do not apply from leaves.
  • During the plant development period.

With Drip Irrigation:

  • 3-5 Lt/decare in extremely alkaline soils.
  • In alkaline soils, apply at a dose of 2-3 Lt/decare with 20-25 days intervals.

Packaging Size

5-20 Lt Plastic Drums