LotuFert Tekno

For Fruit Setting + Taste

Guaranteed Content W/W
Total Nitrogen (N) % 6
Water Soluble Boron (B) % 1
Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide (Mg0) % 2,5
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) % 8
Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) % 10

Physical and Chemical Properties

  1. pH 1/10 25°C: 5.9
  2. Appearance: Solid, Grey

Purpose of Use

LotuFert Tekno is a fertilizer prepared with Boron, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium for plants. Suitable for drip irrigation and leaf application. Helps pollen formation and offspring. It has a positive effect on the taste and aroma of fruits. Increases the rate of photosynthesis.


Do not mix with phosphorus, oils and alkaline products.

Packaging Size

1 Kg Bag